Cash For Dental Gold

Dental Gold at The Gold Guy

You may have a payday waiting for you in the last place you would expect; in your mouth! Gold has been used by dentists to repair or replace teeth, but what happens if you have a crown extracted or a dental cap replaced? Well, if your old crowns or caps contain gold than The Gold Guy – Cash for Gold is interested in your dental gold. Bring in your Dental Gold to one of our 8 locations with no appointment necessary and we will offer you a free appraisal and pay top-dollar cash for your dental gold.

The Gold Guy is Arizona’s largest and premier gold buyer. We have 7 locations throughout the Phoenix Valley and a sister location in Prescott. Bring in your dental gold no matter how big or small to any of these convenient, safe and friendly locations and we will pay you immediate cash on the spot. By using our training, expertise, experience and the most current gold market prices we can offer a fair price for your gold in Arizona. You can rest assured you are doing business with a trusted, licensed business as we have a top tier rating from the Better Business Bureau and our family owned business has been operating continuously since 1952. Additionally you can read some testimonials of past clients about their positive experiences (and great prices) dealing with The Gold Guy – Cash for Gold.

There is no need to go through the extra hassle of dealing with a mail-in Cash for Gold company. The Gold Guy offers a simple, trouble-free solution to selling your dental gold with the added benefit of receiving your cash on the spot. Maybe it’s time you talked to your dentist, there might be other solutions to replace the gold in your mouth. At least this trip to the dentist will be more enjoyable as you walk away with money in your hand this time in the form of dental gold ready to be traded in for cash!