Silver Buying

Silver Buying at The Gold Guy

The Gold Guy is one of Arizona’s largest silver buyers that pays you cash on the spot for your silver. We buy all types and quality of silver – sterling silver, fine silver, silverware, coins, bullion, and jewelry. Bring in your old unwanted silver with no appointment needed and we will appraise it and make you a cash offer immediately. Unexpected expenses come up in life all the time. When you need cash quickly you want to be sure you are getting the fairest price possible at The Gold Guy – Cash for Gold.

Buying silver is in our blood. Our Family has been in the Jewelry Industry since 1952. All of our silver buyers have a wealth of knowledge of the silver industry including the most current silver market prices and years of hands on experience buying and selling silver of all kinds. The price difference in silver is determined by whether a piece is pure (or fine) silver or sterling silver.

  • Pure Silver: This is the highest quality of silver available being 99.9% silver. Pure silver is commonly used to make bullion bars, and occasionally coins or silver rounds.
  • Sterling Silver: Also known as standard silver is only 92.5% silver. This more practical silver is commonly used for silverware and jewelry because of its increased strength.

We want you to feel confident and enjoy the process of selling silver to make some extra cash, which is why we pride ourselves in providing a safe and friendly transaction at any of our locations. Bring in those old silver coins you stopped collecting, the silverware set hand-me-down you never cared for, or your old silver investments you are ready to make some cash on. Bring your silver in today to The Gold Guy – Cash for Gold and trade them in for cash. It’s that simple.